20 minutes of cardio is only how far?

Three times a week I ask myself this question:

“What? I’ve been running my butt off for the last twenty minutes, and I’ve only gone a mile and a half?”

Ok, not record breaking, but pretty good for a beginner.

I’ve been doing this diet and resistance training for the last two weeks, and ever other day is a cardio workout. 20 minutes of running on a treadmill, first slow, then more quickly, then fast, then a slowdown, and the cycle repeats.

It’s kind of like being at work.

A few months ago I had to do a “stress test” at the hospital, and I could barely run for ten minutes. Of course, I was carrying around 20 extra pounds, and the stress test was designed to work the hell out of you. As it happened, I was pegged at “normal” on that test. I think I’d do better now.

Anyway, I’ve got six weeks to go. Don’t even ask me about the weight and resistance part. The program is designed to push you until your muscles give out. I do this right after work every day, and usually I consider myself lucky if I can drive home.


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