Are we having fun yet?

Scott Adams is one of the few people that I’ve met who have publicly professed this particular sentiment about certain amusement parks:

One day we went to something called a “water park.” I had never been to such a thing and was excited about the prospect of standing in line for 45 minutes in the sweltering heat for an opportunity to spend 12 seconds sliding down a watery tube while clutching my prescription sunglasses and wondering how many cartoonists had died doing exactly this sort of thing. It takes me a few days of vacation just to get into the proper attitude, which I gather is something along the lines of not caring if you live or die. I have a bad habit of stubbornly clinging to my preference for life over death, and I am told this interferes with my ability to have fun.

I remember mentioning this on my one and (to date) only trip to Disney World when I spent – literally – 45 minutes wending my way through with the crowd up an artificial mountain for what turned out to be a 60-second trip down a sluice in an oversized inner tube.

Scott Adams writes The Dilbert Blog when he’s not busy drawing those cartoons.


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