Holiday madness

Yeah, around my house the holidays start at Halloween.

But I’ve been maintaining at 185, plus or minus a pound or two for the last month. The cold has made me put the bike away for the winter, but I just joined Cardio Express, one of those $100 per year gyms (I don’t need the yoga classes or tanning booths), so now I can stay in shape until the spring comes around again.

The other thing I’ve discovered is Fit Day, an online food and activity tracker. It’s a pain to get yourself set up, but once you’ve figure it out, it’s easy to just spend a few minutes a day inputting your food and your exercise, and of course, your weight – if you’re the type who weighs in every day. In fact, that’s why I’ve stopped writing here – it’s easier to journal over on Fitday while I’m at it.

Anyway, I’m not sure if I’ll lose another 5 pounds by New Year, but I’m hoping to at least maintain where I am until after the holidays. I’m already down one pants size, and after the holidays I’m going to need my suits altered – they literally will fall off my butt if I don’t cinch up the belt.


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