When will the holidays end?

Well, I’m still maintaining my mid-180s (187 at the moment), and I’ve been watching the snacks, which is difficult because my wife bakes non-stop until Christmas. Cookies, treats, cookies, and more cookies. We went through 25 pounds of flour, 15 pounds of butter, and 15 pounds of sugar in the last week or so.

But the scale isn’t fluctuating much, and I’ve developed a good circuit routine for myself. I gave up trying to get to the gym to use the bikes until after New Year, though.

My waist measurement still reads 37.5″, and an inch less if I suck in my gut. And I’m down to size 34″ pants, and I definitely need to have my suits taken in because they literally will fall off of my butt without a belt.

I’m still using fitday.com, and I recommend it to anyone who’s still reading.


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