This is just another outlet for me to express my opinion, mainly on topics not related to Freemasonry.

Thank you for reading.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Bro:. Tom,

    I talked to you about this quite a while back, but I would like to recolelct the ZenMasonry material and get it onto a dedicated website rather than within a blog.

    Contact me at eab_dc@yahoo.com when you get a chance.


    Ted Berry
    Washington DC

  2. Hi Tom, I was wondering if you could help a fellow lodge and eastern star chapter. We have a wonderful woman trying to join our chapter, and unfortunatly working together as a whole we have not been able to track down her mason ancestors. She is originally from connecticut and being in her 60’s most of her family has passed on and she can not find weather they were masons or not. Nor is she married. She would would be a wonderful contribution to our order. I have found through ancestry.com. Her great grandfather was a mason, but i can not find what lodge. Here is his name and dates and locations, of where he lived. GENDALL, William Henry, b.1831 Madron-Con, address 1861: 31 Alverton Lane, Penzance-Con, 1871: Madron-Con, 1881: 1-A Stanford Place, Alverton, Madron-Con, 1891: 1 Stanford Place, Penzance-Con. So my question to you is, is there anyway you could check and confirm for us that he was a mason in any of those areas? The brother that is helping us, has not had the time to call all the lodges for us. We would so appricaite any help you could give. Thank you, Kathleen

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