National “why I didn’t bike to work” day

Before anybody else asks me, no I did not ride my bike to work today, on “National Ride Your Bike To Work” Day.

It’s not just the distance. It’s only 15 miles, which is not much longer than the usual 10 to 12 mile exercise routes that I do a few times a week.

It’s not just the hills. This is New England, after all, and we’re used to them.

It’s the combination. There is roughly a 1,000 foot increase in elevation over the course of the route into work. The first 10 miles are a nice ride. The last five, unfortunately, are steep, windy, and on roads that aren’t well maintained.

I’ve ridden into work before; it’s at least a 90 minute ride in. To give you some perspective on the hills, it’s just under an hour ride home.

I do plan to tackle this later on in the season, after I’ve worked up to doing more hill exercises.



Road Picture




This is just cresting the hill at the top of Flanders Rd. I’m always tempted to shout “Hey doodly,” in this area.

When I finally slowed down, I saw this four foot long black snake, just basking at the roadside. He didn’t seem to mind posing for this shot.

BFR – Day 6

Last ride – 15 miles, 103 for the week.

My little cycling computer gives some nice stats. Over the course of the week, the temperature on the road was anywhere from 90º to 105º. I didn’t feel it because of the light ocean breeze, but that explains why I was always so tired by the time I got back.

Over the course of the week, I averaged about 15 mph every day, which surprisingly isn’t much better than I do on my regular route back home. I think that a lot of it had to do with the constant breeze; I tried to bike against the breeze on the way out so it would be at my back on the return trip. Once it switched on me less than halfway through the ride – that was a long, long 15 miles. Also, the flat road meant that I did have any chance to make up some time on a downhill section.

I did between 15 and 20 miles a day, and each day I spent at least an hour on the road. I love the flat, though; seemed like I could go for 2 hours without getting tired, unlike Connecticut where 10 miles wipes me out.

BFR – Day 3

We’re thinking about changing my niece’s status to “adopted daughter.”

Also, I managed to get in a 25 mile ride this morning. I’ve really got to get out earlier to avoid the heat. I felt faint on the way back, so I had to stop under what little shade I could find under the scrubby beach pines.

I found a path leading to the sound, and walked in, clothes, sneakers, and all. 15 minutes sitting in the cool water was enough to revive me, and I made it home just fine, where I waded into the pool, clothes and all.

Lesson: When it’s hot, leave much earlier in the morning.