Am I having fun yet?

Trying to take off the weight I gained on my last diet.


When will the holidays end?

Well, I’m still maintaining my mid-180s (187 at the moment), and I’ve been watching the snacks, which is difficult because my wife bakes non-stop until Christmas. Cookies, treats, cookies, and more cookies. We went through 25 pounds of flour, 15 pounds of butter, and 15 pounds of sugar in the last week or so.

But the scale isn’t fluctuating much, and I’ve developed a good circuit routine for myself. I gave up trying to get to the gym to use the bikes until after New Year, though.

My waist measurement still reads 37.5″, and an inch less if I suck in my gut. And I’m down to size 34″ pants, and I definitely need to have my suits taken in because they literally will fall off of my butt without a belt.

I’m still using, and I recommend it to anyone who’s still reading.

Holiday madness

Yeah, around my house the holidays start at Halloween.

But I’ve been maintaining at 185, plus or minus a pound or two for the last month. The cold has made me put the bike away for the winter, but I just joined Cardio Express, one of those $100 per year gyms (I don’t need the yoga classes or tanning booths), so now I can stay in shape until the spring comes around again.

The other thing I’ve discovered is Fit Day, an online food and activity tracker. It’s a pain to get yourself set up, but once you’ve figure it out, it’s easy to just spend a few minutes a day inputting your food and your exercise, and of course, your weight – if you’re the type who weighs in every day. In fact, that’s why I’ve stopped writing here – it’s easier to journal over on Fitday while I’m at it.

Anyway, I’m not sure if I’ll lose another 5 pounds by New Year, but I’m hoping to at least maintain where I am until after the holidays. I’m already down one pants size, and after the holidays I’m going to need my suits altered – they literally will fall off my butt if I don’t cinch up the belt.

What the heck happened?

Wow – for some reason, this blog had several dozen hits yesterday from the American International Group Data Center in New Jersey, apparently following a comment I made at the Get Fit Slowly blog. Not sure what that was all about.

But this morning I was still 183.5, and my waist was under 38.”

I rulez.

I was so psyched that I hit the gym for the recumbent bike for 20 minutes after work.

More fitness

Weight: 188
Waist: 38

I didn’t wander off – not by much, anyway. I’ve still been working out and dieting, but I’ve stopped using this blog as a daily recorder and have been using Fitday. It’s a web-based diet, exercise, nutrition, etc. tracking guide.

It’s a bit of a pain to set up at first, but once you take the time to learn the interface, it has calorie and nutrition info on just about every food you’re likely to eat. You can adjust the portion sizes to match what you have for lunch, breakfast, snacks, etc. You can even create custom foods; for example, I eat a particular granola bar that’s not listed, so I entered the data for calories, carbs, sugar, etc. Then I simply pick that food when I eat it (which isn’t often).

It has exercise and activity guides, and you can enter the number of minutes that you spend in, say, yard work, or lawn mowing, or house cleaning – and get a calorie count. Using this, you can get a better idea of your calories in vs. your calories out.

You can even enter your body measurments, if you’re tracking those. I’m just sticking with weight, fitness activities, and food.